Application form

Join us by fill out a quick application form, purely for crew management purposes. Once that’s done, and everything checks out, we will send you a crew invite.

Who we are:

The Epic Army Mafia is the best GTA Online money Grinding crew based on Xbox.

Our aim is to create a friendly environment for which crew members can safely grind CEO and MC work, whilst encouraging members to engage through activities such as make money in GTA Online, Jobs, Races, Car Meets, and much more! If you are a solo player, or you are looking for a crew to take your game to the next level, then The Epic Army Mafia is the best GTA Online crew for you!

  • We play GTA Online together in same sessions.
  • Active Discord, more then 700 members
  • High and low level players
  • Modded crew car colors
  • Mostly mature friends.
  • We help each other
  • We respect each other
  • We are the best GTA Online Crew and active since 27 February 2017
  • No hard or difficult or weird requirements things to join us. We keep it simple: if you don’t fit in TEAM we just say goodbye
  • We do Heists, GTA money grinding, GTA Online car meetings, having lots of fun online fooling around.
  • NO crew mates killing. No “WANT MY KILL” back mentality shizzle. Shake hand’s, walk on. it still can happen accidentally, that’s not an issue.

We highly advice to join our Discord. its not a must, but makes it a lot better! chat, as to get help, getting crew and GTA updates, see who’s online, talk about glitches, social talk etc.

If you’re tired playing GTA around alone, getting killed all time, can’t sell your full business because it gets destroyed, not enough friends to join missions and you know what you miss then its easy: it’s simple and doesn’t hurt much: